Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fling Love

There was Kurt and Taylor.

Kurt is Taylor's gayish friend and were bestfriends ever since the day Taylor defended him from bullies who teased Kurt for wearing girl clothes. They always stuck like glue, always being there for each other no matter what happend.

One day, Kurt was banned from one part of their school because he acted gay."I can't believe them! This is just unfair!" He ranted in front of Taylor at the school cafeteria that day. " You 
want me to hit them again?" Taylor chuckled, trying to let him remember the day she broke her umbrella after she hit the school bully. " Nah, they'll
just think that you're my bodyguard." Kurt said. Taylor thought about it then said " but i am your bodyguard." "that was when we were kids Tay,but, we're in junior high now. I can't have my best friend fighting for me. I need to do something to prove that I'm not that gay who likes guys. Just the gay who likes dressing up." The two went quiet for a while, then Taylor said, " you need a girlfriend!" Kurt shot her an unbelievable look. " A girlfriend? hmmm."

" I can't believe you managed to really dragged me into this" Taylor held on to her seat as Kurt drove. "Well, it was your  idea. Plus, i need your opinion as my best friend for my total makeover." Kurt smugged. "you're really gonna do this? WOW." Taylor teased him. " Haha. Come on Tay, I'm SERIOUS." he shot her a look. " i was kidding. come on." just then, Taylor's cell rang,and she read a sweet message. "Is that your sweet admirer again?" Kurt intrigued. "Yeah. It's the 18th text today. He wants me to meet him." she smiled as she read the message again. "oooh. sounds serious. is he really human?" Taylor hit Kurt's ribs jokingly as they reached the mall.

"okay, and one! two! three! great practice everyone!" Taylor shouted that afternoon, as she finished cheer leading practice. 'Kurt, where are you?' she thought. "hey Taylor! Can i hitch a ride with you and Kurt?" Beth, Taylor's co-cheer leader, asked. "sure. he'll be here." Just then, Kurt's car parked in front of the field. He got out, and as he did, heads turned, and the other cheer leaders turned back to the field. "hey Kurt" Taylor said. She gave him a thumbs up, and grinned as he came closer. Leather jacket, clean jeans, and great haircut. "Taylor, is that Kurt?!" the girls asked. "yup." In 5 minutes, Kurt was surrounded by the whole high school cheer leading team, complimenting him in this and that. Kurt peered over the crowd, and gave Taylor a thumbs up. 'IT WORKED!"

'I never thought he was going to be this popular'. Taylor thought the next day at lunch. She was bombarded by a group of girls, mostly cheerleaders, who ran to the seat next to Kurt at their table. It was a weird place to be, and she felt a pang of jealousy for all the attention Kurt gave to the girls. "WOW Taylor! Kurt really changed! He's so much HOTTER now." Beth said during free period. "Yeah. He really changed." Taylor said. She felt another pang of jealousy and regret. Why did he have to change? she asked herself. "Hey, you think he's gonna ask me out?"Beth asked after a while. "Um, I dont know. You want me to ask him?" "Really? that would be great!"

Kurt's new look sky rocketed and every girl was drooling over him. Every guy wanted to be him. He felt proud and he even asked himself why he went gay in the first place, when being a real guy was so much fun. He's been hangin out with girls, but he hasn't asked out any of them. He needs someone's information. His bestfriend's opinion. One day, he looked for Taylor at the library when he saw her being with Nate, the basketball MVP. He called her, but she kept on giggling that she pretended not to hear him. WOW,she must like him. Kurt thought. Finally,she turned her head to him and walked to his side. "Hey Alex, how's guydom?" she asked jokingly. "great so far. but remember the plan? i need to ask one girl out." "so ask one out. pick one." she looked over her shoulder and winked at Nate. "Why is he with you?" Alex asked."Well,remember the guy who sent all those sweet messages to me? it was actually Nate!" Her eyes twinkled and her face went red. "Good for you Now,back to me. Who should I ask out?" "um,how about beth? she really seems to be real interested in you." she said,remembering the conversation they had about Kurt. "yah.maybe." 

The next day, Kurt bought flowers for Beth, as he asked her out. As predicted, she said yes, and Kurt felt relief. He's not the kind of gay that liked guys. He was just not the manly type. But this date will prove otherwise.

"Hey tay! Guess what?" Kurt bounced when he met his bestfriend at his next class. "Uhm, you're finally gonna accept that you're starting to like guys?" She chuckled. He made a serious face. "No. I have a date tonight with Beth." He grinned and gave her a funny face. She smiled, and said "well,congratulations. Guess I have to find a date as well." She nodded her head towards Nate, and started her way towards him. Kurt thought she would ask Nate out herself, but then she walked past Nate and went to sharpen her pencil. Nate moved quick, standing beside Taylor. They talked about something, then Taylor walked back to her seat. "Do you have a date or what?" He asked. "Duh." she said , smiling at Nate's way. "I'm going on a double date with you and Beth." When Kurt didn't say anything, she said, "What, you thought your best friend would let you go out on your very first date alone?" "I didn't come to YOUR first date." He replied. "Well, you're not me. Enough said." just then, their teacher got in and started class. Taylor winked at Kurt, assuring him that she was NOT joking.

On the night of the "date", Kurt kept fussing over about Taylor interfering. "Hey Kurt, let's watch that new movie at the drive-in downtown. What do you say?" Kurt gave her "the stare" that he was already fed up, but Taylor didn't even look at him. They drove into the movie place, bought tickets and watched the movie. Taylor spent most of her time watching Kurt than paying attention to her date. "Hey Taylor" Nate called. She looked at him and winked, then turned her attention to the movie. Nate tried to move in closer to her, then put one arm behind her. Kurt was watching from behind, since they were sitting in the backseat. " So Beth, how's our date so far?" He whispered. "Fine I guess. Taylor keeps creeping me out." He knew exactly what she was saying. Taylor kept cutting him off mid-sentence every time he makes a mistake, then corrects him. It was quite annoying, though he knew Taylor was just trying to help him impress Beth. 

Distracted with his thoughts, he didn't notice that Nate was already trying to kiss Taylor. She moved fast, dodging Nate's attempt. "No." She said. "Come on. Just one smooch." He licked his lips, then moved closer. "Come on, don't tell me you won't kiss the guy who researched all those cheesy stuff on the net for you?" At this, Nate swooped down for a kiss. Taylor's dislike was obvious, as she pushed him away and wiped her lips of his saliva. Nate sat down on his seat, looking satisfied. Taylor got out of the car and ran. 

Kurt ran after her, after getting Beth away from Nate. When he reached the corner, he saw Taylor sitting down, crying. He sat down beside her, and hugged her tight. "Another jerk." She said, a sob in between. "I thought he would be different, but all he really wanted was to get under my pants." She sobbed more, while he hugged her tighter. "I wish you were a real guy Kurt, you'd be the best boyfriend in the world." He didn't reply to this, he only held her closer to him. "How many frogs do I have I kiss before I find my prince?" She looked up to him now this time, their faces closer to the other more than usual. He looked into her eyes and said "Hey, wanna know if I'm a prince and not a princess?" She nodded, and in a split second he leaned down to kiss her. They both got weirded out by the kiss, and stared at each other. Kurt smiled then said, "Guess I'm a prince." Taylor looked at him and slapped him. "Ow! What was that for?" She smiled back and said, "Since when were you a prince? I'm your best friend yet you never told be anything!" They both laughed at this, and they both knew that Kurt's gender wasn't the only thing that changed in their relationship.

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