Saturday, April 14, 2012

Love as a risk.

Love, I might say, is a risk that people blindly take. You risk the time you give for your self, you risk being hurt, betrayed, pushed aside, or worse, rejected. Love's a risk that everyone just jumps into, thinking that it's worth the risk. It's worth crying at 12am in the morning, then realizing how stupid the reason was. It's about cringing every time your loves one ignores you, yet you're happy that that person is in your life anyways. It's about trying to hide how much you're hurt, just to protect yourself from hurting yourself more. You try to create this barrier of yourself to avoid being hurt, so you could find out who's brave enough to take the risk of slowly taking down your guard and letting you know everything is alright. Love is taking the risk of not being loved back, and that I say, is the biggest risk of all.

The first step of love, is risk. The risk of taking a leap, of taking a chance with a person you can see yourself with. A risk of selflessly giving up yourself for that person, giving them everything you can offer. Love is, unknowingly diving into an pitch black pit, and you hope and pray with all your heart that when you reach the bottom, someone is there to catch you. Love is taking the chance of bruising yourself, with all the rocks and stones that maybe thrown at you. Love is taking the risk, knowing that in the end, it would be all worth it. :)

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