Monday, April 30, 2012

Me Amore ♥

He just makes me smile. He makes my heart skip a beat, my brain to go fuzzy, you know those cheesy love cliches? You know the gist. The butterflies in stomach, the giggles you do when he makes you laugh. Ah love. Can't live with it, can't live without it. Being such a hopeless romantic, love simply is just a mystery that human kind it still trying to solve. To be in love is great, to be loved is even better, yet to love and be loved at the same time is just darn perfect. But love is just a mere feeling, it's the effort you put invest into it that makes the feeling last longer. There is no such thing as an effortless love, you love because you want to give that person everything you could offer, everything you could do and more, just to see that person happy at the end of the day.

Our love story is kinda cute. He first had a crush on me when he was a 1st year high school student, newly transferred from his hometown. I was in 2nd year high school that time, and as I was playing around with his classmates, he saw me, and that was it for him. He wanted to introduce himself through our mutual friend, and he was the first guy ever that shook my hand when he introduced himself. Years passed and his secret crush for me remained. Last July 2010 though, I had a slight crush on him because I admired the way he made a speech during a campaign and the way he debated. But the crush soon faded. During my last period being a high school girl, last January 2011, he got the courage to court me. He asked first on facebook. Since I didn't like guys asking me through the internet or phone, I said no. Then the next monday, he got down on his knees, held my hand, and asked if he could court me. I was a bit shy, since it was the first time that a guy did that. So I just said "Do whatever you want to prove you're really serious about me." And so he did. And the rest is history.

My relationship with my boyfriend, is just like any other. There are moments when we just feel so in love that we'd squeeze each other's hand til it explodes, and there are moments when we just wanna rip our hairs off. Yet no two days are the same with us. There are some days, when it's just completely normal. Some just full of sweet moments. Some full of fights and misunderstandings. Some we're too busy with our lives that we only really talk early morning or at night. Yet we never let the other go through the day without feeling loved, without making the other smile. The day just isn't complete without that.

Like most modern couples, we communicate through text. We would text all day, and even when it makes our "authorities" mad, we just try our best to keep tabs on each other. We're not those "where are you?who are you with?" couples, we just like the thought of having to text someone who really cares about us. Our topics vary on how fast our brain works. Whatever we think about, we tell the other, just so we don't get stuck with the usual "What you doing?" questions. We're so open with each other's topics. We talk about anything that we're curious about, anything under the sun. We talk about the past and future, what ifs, i wonder why's, sometimes we may even write a whole encyclopedia about the things we've thought about. That would be a huge encyclopedia, judging and recounting how much knowledge we've acquired from each other with our curiosity

We could also write a bibliography about each other cause we know each other's past. We even know the different quirks and uniqueness about each other. Like how I discovered that he has 5 adorable dimples whenever he smiles. Like how he knows I like eating a spoonful of sugar and it makes me become hyperactive. I know he can't swim in swimming pools, yet he can swim on the beach. He knows all my ticklish parts. I know he once almost died because of his asthma. We both know we first had infatuations at the age of 4. We just amazingly know a lot of facts about each other. 

Whenever we're together, the fun is infinite. Since we know each other so well, we know how to make the other smile, and we love to goof around. It's like our minds are connected that both of us can play along with what the other is thinking. Even when he was courting me, it seemed like we knew each other for so long, that we laugh at the same jokes, we're both noisy when we're together that it even pissed off my brother once. We're both mature and immature minded at the same time, so when our immature side kicks in, the pranks, the laughter, never ends.

We play different roles in each other's lives. We play each other's best friends when we need someone to talk to, we play each other's nurse/doctor when the other is sick, we act like babies when we sulk. It's just crazy what the both of us can come up with, just to make sure we're there for one another through whatever hardship that may happen to each other's life. 

The pick up lines. Oh yes. We still do pick up lines even though we've picked each other up already. It's just so funny, some are cheesy, some are just sweet. We love the randomness of having pick up lines. His mind works so fast when it comes to pick up lines. He loves to make things up when saying pick up lines, so some pick up lines go terribly wrong. Me on the other hand, I just look at random stuff and I make a pick up lines out of them. We can be so crazy with pick up lines at times that we just end up smiling on our phones like crazy.

The most fragile yet most powerful part about us is the fact that we may not be sure where our relationship may be going, we may fall apart and live different lives in the future, yet we would try to keep what we have. Now I know at this point some people would say this is too good to be true, but it's not. We've had our own sacrifices, our own bad moments. He courted me for almost a year, and I would admit I was harsh on him at times. I mean, really harsh. I liked to test if he really loved me, and I tortured him. Yet at times we talked like best friends. When we became official, surprisingly he didn't take out revenge for what I did to him. Instead, he proved more how much he loved me. Me, on the other hand, had my own sacrifices to make. When we had fights I got hurt being a girl, and I wanted to burden all the faults. The first part wasn't easy, because we had to adjust to each other's differences. We even had a whole week just fighting, trying to really get to know each other in another level. It was hard, yet seeing where we are now, it was worth it. 

Being in love, is just an indescribable feeling. It drives me crazy, mad, happy, depressed, and all those other feelings. Sometimes, you doubt if it's true or just a joke, yet you still try to seek the feeling. I guess love is the very huge package you receive that is filled with infinite surprises.  It maybe a negative or positive surprise, but it will turn your life around like you never expected it to be. With me and Anthony, I guess we'd just try until there's nothing left to fight for. And even if everything breaks and crashes to infinite pieces, at least we loved. :)

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