Thursday, July 12, 2012

Farewell, Doplhy.

Goodbyes are never easy. Especially when you're saying goodbye to someone you dearly love, who changed your life forever.

For thousands of people, mostly Pinoys, this week has been a heart breaking one, because of a great loss in the movie industry. Rodolfo Quizon, more widely known as "Dolphy The Comedy King" died last Tuesday night. It was a culmination after 5 weeks of being in the hospital. The whole country was shocked when he was officially announced dead. The King of Comedy was no more, and people didn't know what else the was to do. The only thing to do, was to be able to say their farewell.

Dolphy was the real joker. And to him, we were his king and queens.

For 64 long years, Dolphy loved to entertain. He made people laugh, smile, giggle and even knew how to make them cry. He knew how to tickle people's funny bones, no matter which generation the person came from. He never failed at his art, his own genre. He was the master of his won game. Though I personally have only watched his more recent movies, I could say that he lives up to his name. He knows how to portray his character, and knows timing. And because of his years of acting, and making people laugh, making himself laugh, his face doesn't look a day over 50.

He was like a part of a family to all, a father like figure who made people laugh.

The thing about Dolphy is that he was always a comic relief. When people had a bad day, they could just turn on the TV and laugh their blues away. And Dolphy was just the right medicine for a day full of hard work. He had this charisma that even if you were watching a very old film, you could still laugh at his jokes, you could still relate to what he is saying, and could still have fun with his shenanigans.

And now that he is gone, there would be a missing piece in the movie industry. A hole that could never be filled by anyone else other than the King of Comedy himself. His death is mourned all over the country, and for a teenage girl like me, I mourn for his loss, and I can easily relate to what his family feels right now.And most people do. We can feel for his family because in one way or another we have lost someone important in our life. For me his loss reminded me of my dearest lolo, whose name was also Rodolfo. Right now I can imagine him happy, laughing in fact, with the company of the great Comedy King.

In the end we must accept, that everything really has an end. That we must know that we have to move on with the changes life has set. And in the end, we could only just hope, that the persons we have lost are in a better place.

To Mr. Rodolfo "Dolphy" Quizon, may you rest in peace. :)

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