Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What if?

Girl: what if you never met me?
Boy: I don't know. Things won't be any different.
Girl: oh.
The girl started crying, her worst nightmare realized.
Boy: hey, you ok? You're crying.
Girl: are you still serious about me?, about us?
Boy: what do you mean?
Girl: just answer yes or no!
Boy: of course yes!
Girl: then why are we talking like this? Why are we always fighting?
The boy snapped and said:
Because we're both tired. We're tired of each other.
Girl: are you saying you're tired of me?
Boy: yes! I'm sick and tired of trying to love you when the truth is that I don't!

The girl was dumbfounded. A set if tears have flowed at this revelation. Their love...has been one fat lie.

Girl: why did you have to pretend? why did you let me believe, why did you let me hope?
Boy: I'm sick of this! We're over!

But after that, the boy was more devastated than the girl. He needed her. He felt stupid to let her go. He wanted her back, but the girl was too stubborn.

One day, the boy called the girl out of the blue:
Boy: what if?
Girl: huh?
Boy: what if I was wrong? What if, our love story had a continuation? What if it was never meant to end?
Girl: what are you talking about?
Boy: do you still want to be with me?
Girl: why are you asking?
Boy: just say yes or no
Girl: no.
Boy: you don't believe in "what if?" anymore?
Girl: no.
Boy: oh.
There was a long pause,then, "I love you."

The girl couldn't help but cry. She still loved him, but couldn't think of getting hurt again. She never took a chance. She never believed in "what if" ever again.
The next day, the girl found out that the boy hanged himself that hour he called her. When she saw his body, blood was dripping from his arm, with the words "what if?"

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