Friday, September 28, 2012


i stretch out my hand
you hold it tight
i hate how all of this is a lie
i hate how I know it's all pretend
everyone else smiles at us
my heart crumbles,
all this madness has to end.

you tell me "I love you"
and I can't answer
i look at my friends,
and I grudgingly say "I love you too"
i realize every moment with you
becomes a lifetime of regret
I've become a liar
A player of hearts
Torn between pretend
And stupid reality

They say you're perfect
But I say you're not
You're just a stupid dream
An illusion,
An actor in my world
Just playing the part of my prince charming.

Your cruelty knows no bounds
whenever we're alone
You kill me with your words
Your actions are no different
How I wish I was never bethroed 
How I wish I never said "I Do"

This madness has to end
I have to leave your treachery
And go back to reality
A place where I could be safe and sound
I would be happy,
not having you around

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