Sunday, October 14, 2012

growing old with you ♥

The wind blows and my grey hair flutters toward its direction. I sit on our tree house with a hot cup of tea, passing the time. I look at our house, and I feel the familiarity and warmth it gave. I hear you come up,and you smile at me. In 4 slow steps you walk up to me, and kiss me passionately. You catch me off guard, making me drop my tea unto the floor. Then you show me a single yellow rose from our garden. Freshly cut. And we sit in the house, avoiding the hot tea on the floor.

Then we laugh at the times when we fought about meaningless things, and almost cried at those moments when we almost gave up on each other. Then you urge me to dance, and we dance through the silence, letting our hearts decide the song. You hum to me our favorite song, and you kiss my forehead like you always do. Then we lay down on our inflatable bed, a bed filled with countless memories of making love, playing pretend with the kids, and just sleeping side by side. We simply hold hands, wondering how our eldest is with her work, and how Junior is with his new baby. And then we would just stare at each other, eyes scanning every wrinkle, every scar that has marked our times together. We could see our smile lines, for the endless years of laughter.

Then, as it were synchronized, we kiss each other. Just a smack. Then we hug each other, enveloping each other with our infinite love. You tell me "I'd never forget that moment when I first saw you. And I will relish with you this last." You kiss my forehead, and we say "I love you" at the same time. And then we die together, hands and bodies intertwined, peacefully, lovingly. The perfect end, to an imperfect life. :)


  1. This is really sweet. Im getting married in 2 mos and I wosh our lovestory will be like this



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