Sunday, January 6, 2013


In novels and romantic movies, the hero or heroine use up the whole story line because they want to find someone who completes them. In reality, my mom taught me otherwise. Now you have to understand that my mom and I don't usually talk about love, we just love to watch sappy stories on the television. But one day, I just had a big fight with my boyfriend. My family knew about it, because the next day after our fight, my eyes were swelling from crying. Suddenly, the afternoon that they learned about the fight, my mom called me into their room. She asked a few questions, and I answered honestly. Then she said something that I never forgot since that day. She said:

                                "Before you begin thinking about getting in a relationship, you have to be complete. You don't have to search the whole world for that one person who'd complete you. Because when that person eventually leaves, you'd be devastated because you thought that you were complete with him. No. You should find happiness with yourself, not with others. Because when you do, nothing and no one can take that away from you. You shouldn't find someone to complete you. You have to find someone who compliments your completeness."

And I smiled when she said that, because it was true. Most relationships now a day are too dependent on one another, looking for that romance that we see in movies. We see our loved one as someone who can make us happier than we've ever been in our life, not knowing that that happiness begins with you; when we depend ourselves on our special someone, we being to raise expectations. And when they fail to fulfil it, we accuse them of not being enough. This is where the fights normally start. You start blaming each other for not being happy enough, then the both of you drift apart. It's just sometimes sad that this happens, when we could have done things by being happy ourselves. Happiness and being complete starts with accepting who you are. :)

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