Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fusion Crew

Have you ever had people in your life who knows the most humiliating stories about you, who taunts you every chance they get, and yet you still love them? That even when you haven't seen each other for months, when you get together it's like you've never been apart? That no matter how much you're grown, you still act the same way around them? Those were the types of friends I have surrounded myself with.

They're the type of people who bring out the best and worst of me, and yet they stick around. I've seen them crying, I've seen them laugh their heads off, I've seen them at their best and their worst, but I have never left them.

Whenever we would get together everything would just be crazy, loud and out of control. We were just so comfortable with each other that way.

Our story started somewhere when we were seniors in high school. Although we have been in the same section for the past four years, we had different cliques at first. There were the "Chinets", "GeAnLy" and "5 Active Molecules"

At the start of the year, almost all of us have somehow ran for candidacy for the Supreme Student Government for our school. When we all won, it brought us closer. We were groupmates in " homeroom cleaners" as well, and we were active participants in school competitions. And when we started training for the DSSPC, we became inseparable.

 So sometime in the middle of everything, we were pulled together and became one whole group. That's when Frances, the only thorn among the roses, named the group "Fusion Crew". We knew almost everything about each other. From the acquaintance party to prom to graduation, we celebrated them together.

Looking back, I could have never asked for better friends. And I know in my heart that no matter how far we go, or how successful we'd be, we would still be as noisy and immature whenever we were together. And that for me, is the real definition of friendship. That no matter where you go, they always stay in your heart. :)

Pictures grabbed from :
Carrie Velasco
Sharmaine Bungabong
Ann Ruby Ongbit

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