Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ms. Tippity Toe

Tiptoe, tiptoe, turn, glide, head up, hands in third position, and smile.

Do you know how it feels to unleash everything you feel into one song? To move the way your heart beats, and to keep dancing even when the music is over? I know exactly how that feels. Ever since I was five when I first saw ballerinas twirl on a magical box called the television, I was in love. I was more into dancing when I saw mom's old ballerina pics, and I knew it was fate. And so my dancing adventures began.

During my first recital at 6 years old

When I was six I tried my hand in Hawaiian dancing for the summer, and I pretty much rocked it. I felt my first rush as being on stage, dancing to my little heart's delight. When I was seven I tried ballet, but I got lazy and didn't even finish summer school. And I let the years roll, thinking I was too old to learn again. It wasn't until I was thirteen that I tried again, both ballet and in jazz this time. It was a lot of fun, being able to meet wonderful people and learn how to dance as well. I got to learn how to split by the end of the summer, and I was hooked!
My ballet recital when I was thirteen

During that same year, I joined the school's dance club, the Artiste. A spark in me ignited my love for contemporary dance. You didn't have to have a perfect form, as long as you expressed yourself. And I was addicted to it. I continued dancing for the group till I was fifteen.

The Artiste

I graduated, and got into college. That summer, my sister was enrolled in a summer dance class. And after seeing her dance recital, I wanted another chance in dancing. So the next summer, I did. I was almost the eldest in the class since I was sixteen. I didn't care though. I still made friends worth keeping and dance steps worth remembering.

Alice in Wonderland, June 2012

At school, I was assigned to do doxologies. For those who doesn't know, a doxology is a dance during prayer. I was in seventh heaven. I could express without worrying about choreography. I could dance freely without anyone questioning me. And the best part was, I was serving Him.
During one of my doxologies in Robinsons Tacloban

And so my love for dancing never really died, and this summer I enrolled again in dancing. Although I still had the chills whenever I was on stage, I still danced as if it was my last. And I know when I grow up I'd mercilessly enrol my first child, whether he/she may be a boy or a girl, into dancing. Hopefully turning them into the ballerinas who danced on TV. :)

Every child is a star, June 2013

In the end, I do believe that there's a dance for someone out there. That even those dubbed as someone who can't dance can dance to the beat of their own drum. The best part about dancing is expressing yourself. That when you step on that stage, all your life problems becomes a little dot. It won't matter if you're chubby, short, or your legs aren't too long, it's just you and the stage and that beat in your heart. Everyone who has the heart and passion can dance, because when a person is really willing anything is possible. :)

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