Friday, August 9, 2013

How I know we're best friends..

You know how I know we're best friends? Because I remember the day we met each other(again). June 2009. That day when we found out we were classmates, and you just transferred back to the school. We went to our rooms together, getting lost a bit. I remember that when we reached our room they were done saying prayers, and we stealthily went in.

I know we're best friends because you're honest, brutally telling me things that normal friends won't say. You tease me about the things I've done wrong in the past, yet you say it in a way that makes me laugh. You always tell me what I'm doing wrong, making me learn about things along the way. You knock some sense into me when I get too tangled up in my daydreams.

I know we're best friends because you support me all the way and I do the same. Somehow you know what I could do, and you support me through it all. And I know you could conquer the world if you wanted to, and you've got be behind you all the way.

I know we're best friends because you're "trending" in my high school diaries. Seriously. Since second year til we graduated, you're in there. You've read most of it, and you've even written remarks on it. Reading it all over again today makes me want to laugh, and I'm glad I shared those memories with you.

I know we're best friends because in most of my "novels" in high school, you were the best friend character. You're always the one my character runs to when in need of advice. Just like in real life.

I know we're best friends because we take everything from each other without permission. And I mean everything. From pens, to gadgets and the most dangerous crime of all, food.

I know we're best friends because most of my best memories in high school was spent with you. All the laughs and tears you saw, some were even because of you.

I know we're best friends because even though we aren't affectionate towards each other, we're still close as close can be.

I know we're best friends because we both know that no matter what happens we can depend on each other, even when we're miles apart.

I know we're best friends because every time you come home, it's like you never left.

So on your 18th birthday I'd just like to say,
that I'll be here for you all the way.
That though we may not see each other as much as we want,
we can still count on each other for a rant.

So Ms. Sharmaine Bungabong,
Our story is better than any other song.
I love you to the moon and back,
You're my best friend,
and that's a fact.

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