Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My morning thoughts

Everyday I wake up, with the urge to slip back into dreamland. But reality awaits, beckoning me to take my character in the worldwide play of life. I sit up, and glance around my surroundings. Light was streaming down from the windows, illuminating the room. I notice that as usual I am the last one in bed, a result of sleeping late. As I take my first few steps of my day, I search for the familiar faces of my blood-kin, and I kiss them with affection, thankful that they too were blessed with life.

I slowly make my way to the kitchen, eager to fill my starved stomach with blessings that came from the people who made it happen. Having had my fill, I walk upstairs and open my laptop. I pick up my phone as my computer welcomes me with that familiar Windows music. As I scroll through the messages from my ever reliable cell phone, I smile when I read morning messages from him. I hug myself, thinking how lucky I am with everything that I have.

Sometimes I just pause with everything I do, and I think. I find myself daydreaming, staring off to space. I think about life, that no matter how bad or good my day will go, I am still ultimately blessed. That He gives me all that I need, though I may not always get what I want. As Morgan Freeman said, "But since when does anyone have a clue about what they want?"

How about you? Do you stop and think about the things in your life? Do you think about how lucky you are? Even just reading this essay is lucky. Having a computer, having an internet, even waking up in the morning. The next time you feel like you're nothing, stop and reflect. If you're nothing, would God have woken you up today? If you're nothing, why would He give you the gift of reasoning? Desiderata says: You are a child of the universe. You have the right to be here. 

When you feel unloved and alone, count your blessings. As the song goes, you'd fall asleep before you finish counting. :)


  1. We are all blessed, one way or the other. Just having another day to live is a great blessing already. Love this post. I admire how you appreciate even the smallest things inlife. May God bless you more. :)

  2. I really admire your writing skill, your way with words just draws me in.

    Anyway, I too take time, as often as I can, to be thankful for all the blessings I have received. :)

  3. I also admire your writing skills. I feel every words you say. We are all blessed in ways that we can think. I'm very thankful even the smallest blessing that I receive everyday :)

  4. It is best to always feel blessed, no matter how bad things are. This is the best way to be positive! Good writing skills!

  5. You're one talented writer. I admire you. Keep doing this more. I can't wait for your new ones. I love it <3

  6. You remind me of you when I was at your age. Everything I do , I just write, think and reflect. It's my own way of expressing things. Keep the fire in your spirit and aim more. Never give up and you'll reach your goal soon. :) inspiring Le-an :)

  7. Each new day is a new blessing and this is what I like to think about every morning and how exciting my day would be.

  8. This is a really nice post. :) Keep in mind that everything is a blessing, one way or another. :)

    Keep your passion in writing. Not everyone could actually keep them burning. :)

  9. good or bad, each day is truly a blessing. thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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