Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Someone asked me about you

Someone asked me about you a few days ago. They asked me who was the girl that made me grin like a lunatic. It made me stop and think how to tell them about you. I looked up the sky in hope to find inspiration.

I could have said "She looks like Aphrodite."

But then that wouldn't do you justice. So I searched again for the right words, trying to think about you. I thought about your hair, the way it curled at the end. I thought about your lips, how they perfectly melted into mine. I thought about your eyes. Damn your eyes. They would entrance me every time I saw it, and I never wanted to look away.

My friends looked at me expectantly, waiting for an answer. I searched for words again. They laughed at me and told me I was whipped, and I never denied it. The breeze coming from the trees stirred my hair, as we walked back to our office. Then after awhile, I turned to them and said:

"Have you ever been to the beach?"

They all nodded looking curiously at me, and I continued:

"Well she's like that. Close. When you're around her you feel a certain breeze float through. You feel relaxed, and the deeper you dig into the sand, the more happier and carefree you would feel. You feel like you could just run all the way to the other side of an island.

Like water she reflects. She can reflect someone's happiness as if it were her own. At night when everything's dark, she glows. Every indent a person makes in the sand she takes and she keeps it in her memory. Every wave gentle and she washes up treasures from her own self.

She can make you listen to everything she says, just like how you'd want to listen to the sounds of the ocean. Sure she sometimes turns into storms and wreaks havoc, but she does everything she could to make it up to you. You know what I mean?"

I looked at the three of them, each had a different expression. After awhile they smiled at me, and patted my back. We each went in the building's elevator, and we pressed our different floors.

"We hope to meet her soon okay man?" One of them said when he reached his floor.

 After a while I was alone as the elevator continued to make my stomach drop. As I heard a familiar ding I walked out and proceeded to walk towards my cubicle. My neighbor smiled at me, her gaze kind. I then sit down on my computer and log in. I smile as I see you face, smiling brightly into the camera. You were showing off your engagement ring, a blush on your cheeks. My eyes then look further below the picture, with the text:

My beloved angel,


  1. Wow. This is a beautiful and touching post.

  2. She must really be a beauty as the descriptions are so vivid and her presence makes the world radiate and go in slow motion in his world.

  3. This is so romantic! I'm really happy for you two :) Hope to have many as posibile happy and amazing memories :) And, congratulation :)

    1. I don't think you understood. This is all fiction. And in the end the girl is actually dead.

  4. This is actually my first time stumbling on your blog.

    This is very beautifully written, I was moved by the way you depicted her, it paints a vivid scene in my head. Keep it up. :)

  5. It's interesting how sometimes, some of your work are written through the perspective of a guy :)

    1. I guess I write it better. I'm not one of those giggling girls. I like writing on a guy's perspective, more on because I believe it's rare and different. Don't you think?

  6. This was a great story! Thanks for sharing :)



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