Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sweet dreams

As another million thoughts rush into my head,
I groan and sigh, 
and let my frustrations out onto my bed.

I wait impatiently for sleep to embrace me,
but unfortunately,
I just never seemed to be that lucky.

My phone beeps and I reach out for it,
 I see your name,
my heart decides to skip a beat.

We text back and forth for what seemed like an hour,
you seemed to calm me,
the thoughts in my head beginning to cower.

You wanted to call so I said yes,
When I heard your voice,
I thought of one little request.

Soon you spoke of aliens and princesses and happy endings,
I smile to the phone,
wondering how I earned such a blessing.

My eyes later on began to weigh a ton,
and I fell asleep,
just in time for the story to be done.

"Sweet dreams" I heard you say,
I did just that,
my mind more than happy to obey


  1. Lovely! I used to write poems back in grade school, about love & life too. Btw, is this a song?

  2. Haha, I used to remember when I was a kid I had this book where I used to write poems in it. I wonder where it is now.

    You're so creative & talented :)

  3. I love the poem <3 I used to write poems too when I was still at school. I remember beyonce's song when I heard the title btw ^_^

    1. It totally slipped my mind! I just based the title on the image :)

  4. cute poem. when i was super young i used to write poems. however my talent was lost growing up :) i salute your talent!

  5. I haven't heard this phrase for such a long time. And since it's evening already.. I would like to say this to you and to my special someone later. This is a wonderful poem Le-an :)



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