Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Morning voice

That good for nothing boyfriend!

I've been calling him for maybe the hundredth time that morning, hoping to any god out there that he'd answer. I'm willing to bet everything right now that even if an earthquake shook his house, he'd still be sleeping like a rock. Stupid boyfriend. I groan as the irritating recording started.

"The number you have dialed cannot be reached. Please try again later."

I did everything within my will not to throw my two year old phone across the room. I love this phone. I love this phone. I repeated to myself. The heat of the morning began to catch up to me, making me feel more irritated. 

"Wake me up tomorrow okay?" He said.

I nodded, before he kissed me goodbye. A million butterflies exploded in my stomach like fireworks, and I felt myself melt into him. He gripped my back, making me stick to him like fly paper. We both removed ourselves from each other, both in need of air. I smiled at him sweetly, before closing the door.

I regret that decision with every bone in my body. I should have shut the door in his face. Or I should have thrown my alarm clock at him that I have lovingly set at five am to wake him up. Stupid boyfriend. I slam my forehead on my computer desk, knowing fully that a small bump was bound to appear there. I dialled his number again, and I stuck my phone to my ear like glue. The deep tone kept ringing, and I breathed in heavily to calm myself.

"Hello love."

I was ready to yell at him. I really was. I prepared a number of profanities that would hail me as the wife of Satan. I was ready to shut off my phone and let him call me a hundred of times. But damn, everything in me was either turned on or jittery as my heart palpitated for a few seconds. Is this what a heart attack feels like? His voice was so gentle yet so masculine, so caught off guard. It was candid, a situation I loved the best.

"Are you there?" 

His voice brought me to reality again, and I hated the smile that tugged on the corner of my lips.

"I hate you." I said, pouting. 

He laughed, that laugh that would skyrocket me into a certain kind of high that no drug can ever give. I sighed deeply, feeling the anger wash away.

“Are you done laughing?” I asked, adding a bit of anger in my voice to scare him.

“I’m sorry. I dreamed that we were together. I didn't want to wake up.”

How could I get mad with an answer like that? This boy is good, too good for my own good. I pretended like I was irritated, so I didn't answer him.

“Honey? I know you’re there.”


“Answer me. I’m like a puppy waiting for a biscuit. But I’m your lost puppy.”

I’m about to lose my resolve here.

“I miss your voice. Talk to me please?”


“I love you.” Damn it. Was that me? I was so close. I could only imagine him smiling at the other end, looking like a drugged up loon.

“I love you too.”


Don’t you just hate it when you’re so mad at someone, but they do something that makes your anger melt? This is not fiction by the way. This has happened to me a hundred times before (I'm not exaggerating), and I hate my boyfriend. That’s why we've been together for years now. Stupid boyfriend. -.-


  1. LOL This has happened 100 times with my husband and then he smiles with his lopsided grin and says, "I love you" and my anger is gone..

  2. I was usually the one who could not be woken up! Even know it takes Baby (my cat) quite a bit of kneading and pushing and when all else fails pushing the lamp over onto my head!!

  3. LOL that's what good relationships are made of...we stick around and are happy to do so even though they drive us mad, and they in turn do the same (and happily so). :)

    Your description of the situation was fun!

  4. Hahahaha - yup, it's happened to me at least a million times, too.

  5. I love your writing style.... This story is something we can all relate to. I do hate it when I am mad at my Hubs and he does something that melts my heart.

  6. This happens alot for me with the kids. They win me over every time.

  7. That is the worst but also the best feeling I have to say - very well written :) x

  8. Oh this happens all the time with my husband. He can get me so furious and then he does something so sweet that just melts me.

  9. Boys do have a way of knowing how to get under our skin, but an even better way of knowing how to make us forget all about it lol.

  10. I have been married over ten years and Hubby rarely picks up his phone. It is unnerving but at the end of the day it usually is all good.

  11. LOL this sounds like me and my husband. I just hate it especially when I'm calling and he wouldn't pick up his phone, usually because he has it on vibrate. I'm so angry that I want to argue with him but then he starts talking and it's all forgiven. :)

  12. My husband is pretty good at this too. It is hard to stay mad at him when he does that, LOL.

  13. Funny, when you really love someone you can ignore all of the stupid things they do. Great story! I was not sure if it was real or not!

  14. Yes, it feels like they got the upper hand and you gave in. Drives me nuts!

  15. This was a great post for capturing the dynamic between a husband and a wife. It is important to have tolerance for one another and the express feelings often.

  16. love over took madness in this situation - nothing wrong with that

  17. Oh that's too cute. I love this little story. So many moments like this when you ought to be mad but you just can't!



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