Saturday, November 2, 2013

Eternally yours

I struggled to sit up on the cemented hedge, and when I did I crossed my legs together. Throngs of cars soon came to view, early morning families who came to visit the others. I soon lost count on how many people came and went as the sun rose to the highest point in the big blue sky. I began to wonder if anyone would visit me today, as I stared in envy for all my friends who wore happy faces.

“Hi Emily!”

My head snapped towards the source of the voice, a smile creeping up my face. Finally! I couldn’t contain my happiness, and I soon jumped onto my sister and hugged her tight.

“I missed you too little kid.” She joked. Even though I’m already 25, she still treats me like I’m 5. I still was so happy she came, and that I wasn’t forgotten. Soon I saw the whole family walk towards me, with flowers and sandwiches in hand. 

My mom and dad were walking hand-in-hand, a sad smile on their face. But never the less I was thrilled to see them as they approached me. I gave them a warm embrace, their scent engulfing me. They always smelled like the old people that they are.

“Hey Em. Your brother’s here too.” My dad said, showing me a little kid who was a spitting image of the man I saw as my superman. He had black hair like my dad, had the same nose and eyes. The only thing that he inherited from my mom was the fact that he was shy. I pinched his cheeks, and he didn’t look bothered by it. At least he’s warming up to me now.

“Dad, is that my sister?” Tommy asked.

My dad nodded with a proud look on his face. “She’s the best sister in the world Tom.”

“And the most annoying one.” My sister quipped. The whole family began to laugh, at my expense as usual. They soon set up the mat on the floor, opened the huge umbrella and gave the sandwiches out. My sister placed the flowers in front of me, and lit up a candle in the middle of everyone. 

Soon small conversations started here and there, as more people seemed to come in. It was soon crowded, with people going in and out like crazy.
But my family didn’t seem fazed by it, as they continued to talk to each other, trying to get me to join in. The sound of my sister’s phone broke off the conversations, as we all pried on her call.

“We’re here with her. Yes, with the whole family. Yes, you could come. Goodbye.” She turned off her phone with a smile, and she peered to the right and began to wave frantically at someone. My heart skipped like a rock when I saw who she was waving at. He still looked as handsome as ever, although his eyes looked sad.

He was thinner, but he still walked like the angels themselves made sure he didn’t trip. He smiled when he saw my family, who all cajoled him to come closer. He sat right beside me, accidentally brushing his hand on my arm. It immediately sent a thousand familiar sparks throughout my body, jolting me awake from my day dream of him.

“Hey everyone. Little Tommy.” I smiled when he greeted my brother specially, which made the young boy smile a bit. My mother offered him a sandwich that he ate with gusto. That boy was too addicted to my mom’s famous sandwiches.

“How’s work John?” My father asked; his voice soft.

“It was fine sir. So far so good.” He said without a trace of smugness. Gotta love that in a man.

“You know you can call me Keith, or Dad.” My father offered a small smile, which John returned. I could feel my cheeks burn up, and my lips aching from the smile that never went away since I saw him. After a few minutes of idle chatter, my mother stood up and instructed everyone to do the same. The mat was rolled, the sandwiches kept. My dad held to Tommy, my mom beside him, my sister and John followed.

“In the name of the Father...” My mother started to say. She then proceeded to pray, my family and John joining in whenever possible. I soon felt my heart become lighter, stronger even. “And Lord, please bless the soul of my daughter, Emily Bright, and receive her soul as we have received You in our lives. All this we pray in the name of the Lord.”

“Amen.” They answered. One by one they left, kissing the cement that I was sitting on merely an hour ago.

“Bye Emiwy!” Tommy said, waving towards me. I waved back, smiling at the little kid. 

John left last, his fingers playing with our wedding ring. He kneeled to face the cement hedge, and began to etch out the words that were carved onto it. ‘In memory of Emily Bright. A daughter, a wife, a sister and a hero. 1986-2011’

“You’d always be a hero to Tommy, Em. I’d make sure he would never forget the day you jumped in front of that car for him.” He held out flowers, placing them in front of me.
“I miss you.” He whispered. “I miss hearing your laugh. Sometimes I miss you so much I forget to eat.” I narrowed my eyes towards him, and he chuckled. “I know that if you were here right now you’d narrow your eyes and yell at me to take care of myself more, but it’s so darn hard Em. I miss you.”

I touched his cheek, caressing him softly.

“Em? Is that you?” I nodded, though I knew he wouldn’t see me. “I know you’re here Em. I could smell the perfume you always wore.” He inhaled deeply, as if savouring every scent. “If you’re there Em, wait for me okay? Don’t go falling in love with angels or other souls. You’re mine. You’re married to me remember?”

I smiled at him with tears slowly making their way to my cheeks. Before I could stop myself I kissed him right on the lips. He smiled as he touched his lips, shaking his head and chuckling.

“Just, save me a seat up there okay? I love you.” He kissed the carving, and began to walk away. My heart went with him, following him everywhere.

I was eternally his, after all.
Fiction. Today was all souls day here in the Philippines, and a lot of people went to the cemeterey to remember all those who went before us. I love this story personally, not just because I wrote it. <3


  1. I love your artwork that goes along with your stories. You are a very good artist. Another great story too!

    1. I don't own any of the pictures in my blog, except if I mention it. Thanks anyways :)

  2. Oh my gosh... you just gave me the chills with that ending. What a beautiful story.

  3. What a beautiful story, but oh so sad. It brought tears to my eyes as I continued reading it.

  4. I love your short stories. I look forward to seeing what you post next!

  5. Yet another great story - you had me hooked :) I love your artwork, too. Great job!

  6. What a good except. Are you working on a book or short stories? Would be interesting to see this developed

  7. I love your writing. I wish I could write like that. I just cant come up with stories like this. But I sure love to read them. Thank you!

  8. This is definitely an interesting story. Thanks for sharing your imagination with us. It's such a gift to be able to read it.

  9. This is one of my most favorite that you've written, though I always think your writing is very good.

  10. Even if it's not yours, it's a good picture for the post! :)

  11. A very touching tale! You certainly have a gift with story telling

  12. What a beautiful and very sad story. You have an amazing talent.

  13. What a sweet story. I always enjoy reading your work.

  14. How incredibly sad but yet uplifting at the same time. After recently losing 3 nephews in their 30s, I truly hope that one day we will all be reunited.

  15. Wow another great story. I am so in love with your stories. Can't wait for your book to be published.

  16. Beautiful photo! Love the words in you post! Your story is really nice!

  17. You are such a great writer! I love your stories and just how positive they are.

  18. This was a nice story I thought. I had a hard time with understanding if Emily was able to communicate with her family or not though. Im sorry about that. I should probably reread it. I thought the idea or what I thought was the idea was interesting. Thank you for sharing this.

  19. Creepy how the departed ones are able to manifest in terms of scent or feeling to us. Our worlds are still somehow connected.

  20. Thanks for the great read! I enjoyed it. I didn't know today was all souls day for you all...

  21. I just love to come and read your stories.... makes my day, really. In Germany it's All Souls day as well... , didn't realize they have that day in the Philippines as well.. interesting; thanks for sharing

  22. I love the ending so much! It was amazing!



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